aerophone I know this is a “bit” off topic but it’s music-related so…

When I was a sixth grader, my elementary school was signing up kids for band.  It was an earlier time so they even lent out instruments!  I dearly wanted to learn to play the saxophone but my parents wouldn’t let me because I had the piano.  Even though there would be no cost to them, they said “no”.

Fast forward many decades I bought this new instrument – an “Aerophone” or a digital saxophone – and much more. I have even found a bagpipe sound on YouTube.



There are a wide variety of additional acoustic sounds include wind instruments (clarinet, flute, and trumpet) and string instruments (violin).  Even an organ sound. 

I’m having a lot of fun with this new instrument – and I can even use headphones so I don’t bother my mom who said NO to me so many years ago.