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The Most Amazing Sheep Game is lots of fun for everyone and it’s free for the month of May!

From their app description:

Most Amazing Sheep

Run, jump and roll to the beat in the easy-to-learn, tricky-to-master most addicting sheep game.

Simple side-scrollers with catchy music and cutesy graphics are awesome. And rhythm games rock. In fact, we like them both so much we decided to make them into one. The result? The Most Amazing Sheep Game. It’s an engagingly simple rhythm platformer where jumps and rolls must be perfectly timed to the music to complete the increasingly complex levels with maximum score. Oh, and it has a cute sheep.

We loved making TMASG. We love playing TMASG. And we’d love to know if you do too!

When lessons are in person, Note Rush is a great way way to learn notes instead of using flashcards.  It’s on sale right now for $4.99 until May 9.  I highly recommend it.

From their website:

NEW: MIDI Support is here!

A fun game for practising note reading on the music staff to help you learn piano, keyboard, flute, saxophone, violin, or just about any other instrument! Note Rush uses the microphone to listen as you play each note like you would with flashcards, only these flashcards check that you’re playing the right note!

Choose from a bunch of fun themes and race to earn stars and beat your best time! Note Rush is great for teaching keyboard geography by making sure each note is played in the correct octave! A music theory must-have for mastering sight reading skills at all levels of music education.



Listens to Your Instrument

Note Rush helps students learn a strong association between notes on the page and keys on your instrument by using your device’s microphone to detect when you play each note. Works with pianos, keyboards, flutes, violins, you name it! (See Q&A below for more about supported instruments.)


Note Rush waits as long as it takes to find each note, so even complete beginners won’t feel lost.

Grand Staff Context

The whole grand staff is always visible, showing each note in full context and helping students learn how notes are spaced out in the two staves.

Octave-Sensitive Keyboard Geography

It’s a “B”, but which “B”?? Note Rush teaches keyboard geography by making sure you’re getting the note in the right octave every time.

Great for Home Practise

Students will rush to their instrument at home every day with NoteRush, chasing that elusive high score! Unlike flashcards, children can learn notes at home with no music-reading parent required to check if they’re getting them correct!

15 Levels or Design Your Own!

Note Rush has fifteen built-in Levels, from Middle C-Position right through to the full grand staff with 2 ledger lines above and below. There are Levels for Treble Clef, Bass Clef or full Grand Staff! Or make your own levels to practise reading specific notes, with optional sharps and flats for an added challenge!

Replace Your Flash Cards – Perfect for “One Minute Club!”

Use Note Rush instead of printed flash cards. Note Rush was in-fact designed to replace the cards used in One Minute Club – a challenge you can run in your studio where students have to complete a given level in under a minute. Try it today!


Does Note Rush work with Bb or other non-concert pitch instruments?

Yes! Note Rush automatically adjusts to whatever tuning your instrument uses when you first play middle C – you can even use your voice!

Are there any instruments it won’t work with?

Note Rush has been tested with a variety of instruments, but there are a lot of instruments out there, so we can’t guarantee 100% success. If you have any problems please let me know!

What if my piano is out of tune?

As long as it is more or less in tune with itself, Note Rush should be able to adapt to it.

I’m having trouble with note detection

Check the troubleshooting page for suggestions on improving note detection.

Does Note Rush support MIDI?

Yes on iPhone/iPad! In addition to acoustic instruments, Note Rush also supports MIDI keyboard on iPhone/iPad. Let me know if you’re interested in this features for Android.

How do you earn each star?

Stars are based on average time-per-note. ie. The total time divided by the number of notes in the level.

  • 3 stars = 2.5 seconds per note or less.
  • 2 stars = 3.5 seconds per note or less.
  • You get 1 star just for completing all the notes in the level.

Note that this setup means you get 3 stars for completing level 3 (Whole Staff) in one minute or less, as per One Minute Club.