Keyboards for Beginners

Piano 8



Each year on May 22 we observe National Buy a Musical Instrument Day.  The day is all about playing music.  If you are a musician, it might be time for a new instrument.  Maybe you can learn to play a second or third one.  If you have never played an instrument before, National Buy A Musical Instrument Day might be the motivation you need to start.

Naturally, here at the O’Connor Music Studio, a piano, keyboard with weighted keys (and 88 of them!) or organ is recommended but this day is for all types of instruments and is for people of all ages.  Grandpa can play his ukulele while the grandkids play the drums, trombone, and flute. Together they can all make terrific music!

Please note that an acoustic piano is usually preferable to an electric keyboard.  If you are thinking about getting a digital keyboard for a beginner, I recommend a keyboard with 61 to 88 keys.  61 is good to start with but within a year or so all 88 will be needed. Whichever number of keys you get, it is important that you get full-size keys that are touch-sensitive meaning the harder you push, the louder the sound.

A stand is also important to be sure the keyboard is the correct height.  Many keyboards come with stands and some with benches.  A pedal is nice to have but not really needed for a year or so.

If you are a member of Costco, they currently offer 3 which are touch-sensitive and come with stands. Around September and December, they usually have a better selection.

Amazon has a good selection of keyboards at My son has had this one for several years and is happy with it (I like it, too!)

When thinking about getting a keyboard, please find a place where it will always be available to your student.  If he/she has to set it up whenever it’s time to practice, it will become less and less convenient.

The O’Connor Music Studio currently has a full-size grand piano, 2 digital keyboards, 2 organs, and other miscellaneous instruments.